The crowded underwear category relied on “sex sells.” We flipped the category on its head with a campaign focused on proving it’s what’s underneath that matters most.


Selsun blue

Used a living, breathing character to dramatize just how annoying dandruff can be when it pops up at unexpected, and unwanted, times.


Mars chocolate

For a storied brand like M&M’s, “iconic” was starting to mean “old news.” We helped them celebrate their 75th birthday with a big push into pop culture.


TE Connectivity

A multi-billion-dollar sensors and connectors brand you’ve probably never heard of relied on functional, undifferentiated marketing. To elevate TE above its peers, we focused on emotional responses and showed how the company collaborates to create the technological advancements of our wildest dreams, every day.


Time Warner Cable

A cable company that apologizes for a history of uneven service? We helped TWC step out of their comfort zone to win back the trust of their customers.


United Nations Forgive for Peace

We leveraged social media to change the conversation around what “peace” means today – and how we can all play a small role in achieving it.


Time Warner Cable

We enlisted NFL coach, Bill Cowher, to tap into the coach archetype and advise consumers trying to decide on switching to Time Warner Cable.


Hello Fresh

Instead of going to market hanging our hat on one message, we took a test-and-learn approach to creative and media buying that led to doubling the HelloFresh business.



Unisom, an exciting product in the growing Sleep Aid category, needed fresh creative to convey their solution to those suffering with sleeplessness. We worked with Unisom to get into the mind of the sleepless consumer. And what we found, was fog.


Malaria No More

When social media was in the beginning stages, Chris and the Malaria No More team came up with one of the most innovative social campaigns of all time. The campaign was designed to be a “race” between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to have the first 1 million Twitter fans. The winner would then donate $100k dollars to the cause.


The Company Store

Established The Company Store’s e-commerce platform and improved their user experience, while updating and modernizing the look and feel of the brand – leading to a 51% jump in site traffic!

… And Our Clients Love Us

“We have worked with many marketing partners over the years. Pure Growth is a rare company that promises partnership AND delivers on it. Pure spent time immersing in our culture and DNA, looked at our challenges holistically, collaborated with us, and only then, brought us breakthrough creative brand building solutions combined with nimble, agile, and flawless execution.” 
Mark Fedyk, President and Chief Operating Officer, Jockey International

“Time Warner Cable was struggling to turn around a poor customer-satisfaction perception. Pure delivered a very unique unconventional communications strategy with the goal of driving awareness of our operational improvements and new customer-centric focus. The strategy manifested via a witty, self-deprecating brand campaign.  It was a stance not often taken by a brand of our size, but it was a strategy that began to change perception amongst consumers."
Jeremy Asselin, VP Marketing, Time Warner Cable 

“I have worked with Pure Growth with some of our great brands and found they brought both creative thinking and leveraged their deep connections to popular culture and entertainment to enhance our brands.”
Berta De Pablos, President, Mars Wrigley Confectionary US

“Pure Growth set us apart from any brand in our category by understanding the deep motivations of our customers and translating those motivations into inspired marketing activations that grew our brand and our business.”
Amy Summy, Former CMO TE Connectivity & Founder No More Kids with Cancer

 “Pure helped us transform from a traditional catalogue house into a forward thinking omni-channel brand. Fast, creative and collaborative they are a great partner who works as a seamless extension of our team.”
Don Kelley, CEO, The Company Store

“We’ve worked with several marketing partners over the years. Pure Growth is a rare boutique company that values partnership and believes in collaboration. With them, we’ve reached new heights with breakthrough creative with everyday heroes!”
Will Waller, JBF Program Director, Jockey International

“Pure has consistently been a trusted partner of mine in many of my business and philanthropic endeavors, and has never failed to bring creative, innovative ideas to the table with extraordinary execution.”
Ray Chambers, Investor / Philanthropist